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It has been a year and an approved repair has not been done, no fights, no fuzz , no action, they have not been rude or denied anything, just keep on promising the part ordered is yet to come.After reading all these reviews I am filing small claims court on them ...thank you for all the ammo ( I will print all these reviews) for me to take to court with me and show the judge their "modus operandi" they do not deny claims,they just dont fix or pay them; stainsafe will try to wear you out hoping your busy life will make you go away.

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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I heard that they are out of business.


Please keep us updated as to how your suit goes. I'm considering doing the same thing.

I read on another site that Stainsafe was under investigation by the State of Florida. Given this and the large number of complaints, I wonder if there's grounds for a class action lawsuit?

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