Shame on me. Though I had heard and read the terrible reviews on this company I was persuaded by the retailer (Macy's) to purchase this warranty on a very expensive leather couch.

I have a blue stain on the couch and I have no idea what it is or how it got there. It almost looks like a blue hue/stain from dye from blue jeans but I really don't know what it is. I called as soon as I noticed it and was promptly told that my claim was denied on the grounds that it was not an "accident". He said they cover accidental stains but not intentional stains or normal wear.

Though the stain mysteriously appeared and I certainly did not intentionally stain my 1 year old $4000 leather couch I would think it could be classified as an accident, but they would not budge on their denial. Maybe I should call back and tell them that I had a wild party at my house and my guest "accidentally" spilled something on my couch. Bottom-line, this warranty is worthless. Consumer beware.

Do not waste your money on this warranty.

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This company is a complete rip off. I purchased my furniture at JCP and let the associate talk me into purchasing this warranty.

I called last week to submit a claim stating that I had black marks from marker that my grandchild got ahold of. When asked when i noticed it I answered 2 or 3 weeks ago but just had not had time to spend on the phone to make the claim. My claim was denied because it had to be reported within 2 weeks.

Also because I said it was a black marker and not a black pen they would not cover it. I have since called JCP and canceled my card and told them that I was totally amazed that they would sell their customers a warranty from a company like Uniters North America that is so corrupt and dishonest.


If you call back, they will tell you , the call is recorded and they can't change that information on a claim. Don't waste anymore time with th they will deny your claim..

Take it as what it is a loss.

And good luck . :sigh

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