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Uniters North America is the "new" Global Care Solutions, formerly Stainsafe. Consumers, don't be fooled - they are still in existence, just operating under another name.

I urge you contact your local state attorney's office or one of the Attorney Agencies starting class action law suits - currently two one in FL and one in CA.

I worked for this company since 1997 and was left out in the cold when they closed the doors on 7/31/2009 (no notice). After many years of hard work and service at the managerial level, the company offered no severence, earned vacation payout, or continuing health care options (i.e. COBRA).

Additionally, there are several outstanding issues regarding our medical premiums collected and never paid to the health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

Meanwhile, this was the plan as they prepared to re-open their doors the following Monday as Uniters North America. Gordian Tork, former Chairman and owner of Uniters, should be held personally responsible for this grossly dishonest misconduct in an attempt to escape liability, not just to its employees but also to its many creditors.

Monetary Loss: $720.

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Uniters North America~ is ripping consumers off daily. They run a office in Palm Beach,Fl.

human resources *** Nancy Antonelli, who basically runs the show, and keeps her job by sleeping with her boss~Gordian Tork. They dont care about their customers and employees.

They trick customers into saying the wrong things, very deceiving, just about every warranty claim I took, the claim was denied; either for time, the type of stain,unknown stain,too many stains,how the stain, breakage,scratch, etc. happened to your furniture, and not calling on time,you have 10days to call about issues with your furniture, Be warned do not purchase warranty from this company, you will waste your time and money.


Uniters provided the worst customer service possible. I purchased a Stainsafe "Diamond" warranty and called in today for a simple claim that WAS covered.

I was denied. Not because it wasn't covered, but because I could not tell them what made the mark on the leather. I travel all week for work and when I got home and saw the marks on the couch, I got out my Stainsafe warranty paperwork and called uniters. I guess I should have called my husband at his office first to find out what the color transfer was from.

When my claim was denied I was told it was because I could not tell them what it was. I offered to pick up my other phone and call my husband to get them an answer and they said it was too late, I was denied.

What a horrible company, what a horrible representative! I will never waste money on furniture warranties again!


They're a great company to work with they follow through and take care of their customers, I work for quite a.few warranty companies doing contract work and uniters has turned the industry into a great niche to be in, they don't deserve to be shut down: people get the facts before you overreact if you don't know what you are talking about don't say anything at all,your wasting our time


First of all, Deysi. Stop all that crying :cry .

You were at Stainsafe and Global Care but you did not do much. You had more personal problems than a little bit.

Gordian is a great boss and he really cares for his employees. Doug Wright was nothing compared to Gordian.Uniters is NOTHING like Stainsafe or GCS.

The employees LOVE coming to work. The environment is very pleasant. The consumers are getting satisfied. Granted there are a few that do not like the fact that they did not follow the terms of their warranties and got denied but you can't please everyone.

Uniters is going on its 1st year anniversary in a few days and we are ecstatic! For those that have Stainsafe and Global care warranties, just take the time to read and follow the warranty and you will be fine. For those that are scorned because their warranties are not honored, read for next time.

All those people that are upset because they were not called back, get in contact with Deysi she is running a call center out of Ftih you all the best. :)


I can say that Uniters still have some relationships withs with their old vendors. Working for one of those vendors

I can say our customers are still processing claims and Uniters is still honoring all Stainsafe and Global Care warranites.

I will say it was stressful but overall they have upheld everything on their ends. I can't say that they are perfect.

Its an insurance company so you are always going to have pissed off and unhappy people who filed claims that were denied. But overall they seem to be taking care of our customers.


Deyj -- You deserve what you got! For 12 years, you were satisfied to reap the rewards of working for a company that daily reamed consumers.

And, you claim you were SURPRISED when they asked you to drop your drawers for the same privilege?!?! Karma's a ***, ain't it?


Is Uniters Northa America paying their technicians? Or are they like Stain Safe?


First - I do not work for them, but I do have some knowledge.

Global Care shut their doors for several reasons. They had been locked into rediculous contracts by previous owners for unbelievably high rent and other things. They wanted to reorganize, but the banks killed that by locking their accounts so that they got their money first. They also had many problem employees that would be difficult to get rid of with our legal climate.

So - they shut the doors and re-started with only key employees and then hired back only ones that they thought worthy.

Warrantees are still being honored from Stainsafe and Global Care, but they are a bit understaffed at the moment.

They have assumed or bought most of Global Care's assets and business, including paying off debts. After all, they still have to do business with the same companies!

It's a wonder to me how they are still in business, though, with people intentionally wrecking their furniture so they can get new stuff for free under the warrantee. These people do make it harder for those with legitimate claims.

If you have a warrantee issue, call them. I'm sure you'll be fine.


put a claim in, agreed on a claim figure, they sent me docs to sign and have notorized, returned all req. docs. Still waiting for $$$ its been 5 months.


PO Box 10909, West Palm Beach, FL 33419

(561) 267-1199


deyj (aka d sanchez) I worked with you many years ago at stainsafe.. need you for reference to do work in different customer service company ..

email me at got layed off/downsized from portable xray company peter richmond

Seeking Justice 4 All

Uniters North America was GCS was Stainsafe. If you are interested in seeing them shut down in and live in south Florida, go to the Courthouse at 205 N.

Dixie Hwy 11D, WPB, FL 33401 at 8:45am on Thursday, September 10th. They are trying to shorten their creditor list to only the top 20 creditor and to continue operating under Uniters NA, owned by Gordian Tork.

They want to dissolve all debts and make money off the warranties. Make yourself heard so we can stop companies like this from making millions.


Their new number is 1-866-213-6702.


Global care solutions is now known as Uniter's NA.. I have an approved claim as of July 2009 and now my furniture company says they are bankrupt and it's a no go but after researching abit I have found several phone numbers for them 800-916-6229, 866-225-2196, 866-392-3178 and 877-844-1763.

Good luck! I am getting the run around!


Does anyone have any contact info for Uniters North America?

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