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They wanted me to lie about having licenses for 18 servers when we only had one license between the 354 Hyatt and Blue Heron offices. We had about 150 computers and I was told by the CFO to put licenses for software on all of them even on those in employees homes.

I told him all we need is one mad employee and they can call Microsoft. I don't want to be held responsible. He said 'You are just too paranoid." We had only 35 PC licenses. He said I was to tell the accountant that we had expenses of $50,000.00, ok $25,000.00 for computers.

I said I couldn't tell her and she agreed it was hard enough keeping different sets of books and was looking for a new job herself. He wouldn't let me buy any computers. I told him that I could no longer work there. He asked if I would stay on for two more weeks to get my replacement trained.

I agreed. After being there Monday morning for about 4 hrs. teaching my replacement the CFO said "What are you doing here?" Your fired, LEAVE NOW! I was shocked.

My replacement lied so much employees called me to let me know what lies he was spreading. Especially about what I supposedly called the female Canadian manager. I had a zero tolerance for swearing. The employees thought I was a good IT Mgr and threw me a nice going away party at their expense, not StainSafes.

Owner bonuses were so wonderful for them. None of this information is fictitious.

Kickbacks was another issue is why I would not buy from certain vendors. Oh well, this is old history and I feel sorry for those not covered by their warranties.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Tony4554 is quite happy with especially ray sattaur rip we miss you and carmine poliandro was a good follow-up it manager and stated that there is a room for improvement of work ethics and politics. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "promised bonus" of a product or service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $8000. Stainsafe needs to "i found the stainsafe was not receiving funds($thousands) from 2 companies and i was promised a bonus similar to my network engineer ($6000.00)" according to poster's claims.

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I worked there many years ago, what time frame were you there?

There were different owners and different CFO's curious if we worked for the same CFO.

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